Bored? Tired? Lonely? Discouraged? Stuck?

You probably need a change of pace...and some friends who will give you a new slant of life.

Begin you new life by joining us each Wednesday morning at 10:00am. Enjoy a conversation over coffee and a muffin. Bring along a craft to work on. Join a group playing board games. Try carpet bowling. Enjoy one of our outings into the community. Find some folks to enjoy an activity of your choosing. Just relax and enjoy the company of others. They possibilities are limitless. And so are the opportunities. Come alive! Come join us!

Oh, by the way, you"ll especially enjoy our monthly potluck fellowship. Good food. Good fellowship. Good friends. A different program each month.

What are you waiting for?

Come alive!

For more information of events that happens for our seniors, please reach out to Phyllis or Pastor Bob so they may be able to connect with you